Anti-Gravity Ring

The Anti Gravity Ring

Anti-Gravity Ring

A simple rubber band and finger ring are used. The rubber band is placed through the finger ring and magically the ring starts to climb up the band defying gravity. Everything can be inspected.

Ring and Band

Method: You will need a finger ring and a rubber band. You may borrow the ring if desired. Break the rubber band. As you place the rubber band through the finger ring get some slack in your dominant hand. In this case I use my left.

You want a good 2 or 3 inches of slack pinched in your left hand. Your fingers will hide this slack. Stretch the other end of the band with the fingers of your free hand. Stretch the band so it looks actual size.

Back View of Slack

Tilt the rubber band at a sleight angle and start with the ring to the left. Simply release pressure on the band between your thumb and index fingers of your left hand. This will cause the band to sneak between your fingertips and move the ring over. The illusion created is that the ring is climbing up the band.

Ring Climbing Band

Practice setting up the trick quickly and when performing the effect try and allow the rubber band to slide slowly and smoothly. If the ring jumps around it will not be very deceiving.

Credit goes to Ed Mishelle for this excellent impromptu piece.