Bill Power

Bill Power

A borrowed dollar and a pencil make this a trick that can be performed just about anywhere. Is it possible to cut the pencil in half with something as soft as a dollar?


Magician borrows a dollar bill from a spectator. It is folded in half, lengthwise. A pencil is given to the spectator and they are asked to hold it tightly between each hand. The magician declares that One-dollar bills can do more than just buy a candy bar. The bill is rested against the middle of the pencil. In a quick motion the bill is brought up and quickly swung down cutting right through the pencil. Just like a warm knife slicing through a stick of butter. The pencil has successfully been chopped in half with a borrowed dollar bill and everything can be instantly examined. If you borrowed the dollar… now is your chance to put it in your pocket and run off.


This is easy sleight of hand. When you raise your arm to swing down on the pencil, your index finger is placed along side the dollar bill. Your finger smashes down through the pencil easily. After you see the pencil chopped in half, quickly pull your index finger back so no one will see. This is a powerful, yet very easy magic stunt to perform.


1. Borrow the bill and get out your pencil.
2. Have both objects examined if you like.
3. Fold the bill in half and crease it sharply. (Figure 1)
4. Ask a spectator to hold the pencil between both hands tightly.
5. Grip the bill so the folded side is facing downwards. (Figure 2)
6. Perform the move. Swing your arm up and then down very fast with confidence. Your finger will slice the pencil in two. (Figure 3)
7. As soon as your finger slices the pencil move it back so no one will see your finger pointing outwards. With speed all of this becomes invisible and a blur to the eye.
8. Tell them the dollar is stronger then they think. Especially if they are from the EU.


Use an unsharpened pencil. Make sure the spectator firmly holds the pencil. Carry a few pencils and a dollar in your pocket and your ready to go. I also suggest using really soft pencils such as the Empire brand. There are some other brands out there that will also work. Avoid using a pencil made from hard wood otherwise you might end up breaking your finger instead. BE CAREFUL.