Business Card Prediction

Business Card Prediction


This trick is a cool and impressive way to hand out your business card. It’s a bit of a card trick prediction.

The Effect:

A spectator is asked to shuffle the cards and then give them a cut. You mark the deck where they cut by crossing halves and you write a prediction on the back of your business card. It is inserted where they cut and the deck is squared. The cards are then spread out and two cards on either side of your business card are removed. The cards match your written prediction. The business card is then handed out for the spectator to keep.

What You Need:

All you need is a full deck of cards, a business card and a marker.

Business Card Props

What To Do:

1. Have a spectator shuffle the cards until satisfied. When they are done pick up the deck and remove the jokers. Act as though you forgot to remove them before hand and give a reason for doing so.

I usually say before we move on lets discard the jokers as we do not need them.

Remove Jokers

2. As you are removing the jokers glance at the top and bottom cards of the deck. Remember them!

3. Place the deck face down and ask the spectator to cut the deck at any spot.

Cut the Deck

4. Do not let them complete the cut. Instead take the bottom half and criss-cross it over the top half. This trick is basically involving a criss-cross force.

5. The next part is very important as it creates a bit of time delay from when the spectator cut the deck. Take your business card and write down a prediction. Do not tell the spectator what you are writing. The predictions you write down are the two cards you glanced at earlier.

6. Place the business card in between the two cut halves of the deck. This places your business card between the original top and bottom cards. You can now square the deck and ask them to cut it once or twice more. As long as they do not shuffle the cards your business card will stay between the others.

Replace Deck

7. Spread the deck across the table and note two cards surrounding your business card. Slide them part way out and have a spectator turn them face up. Have them remove your business card to see your correct prediction!

Spread the Deck

This is a really straightforward effect. This is a great way to hand out your business card and they are likely to keep it because it was involved in the actual magic.

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