Easy Coin Vanish

Easy Coin Vanish

You remove change from your pocket and pickup a nickel. Deciding to use another coin instead you place the nickel down and pick up a penny. You put the rest of the change away in your pocket and then place the penny into your empty hand. A quick snap of the fingers and the penny has vanished. Both hands are clearly empty and you can do this in short sleeves anytime and anywhere!

What You Need:

All you need for this trick is some change in your pocket. It is impromptu and you don’t need any gimmicks and there is no need for difficult sleight of hand. I suggest having 2 quarters, 2 pennies, 1 nickel and 1 dime. Just have a small variety of coins, that is the most important part.


You will fake picking up the coin in your hand. It’s that simple. There are a few factors that will help sell the idea of you really picking the coin up so read on.


Take some change out of your pocket and hold it in your open hand. Use your free hand to pickup a nickel from the pile.

Picking Up The Coin

Change your mind and place the nickel back. You will now pickup a penny instead. As you go to pickup the penny use your fingertips to hit the other coins in your hand. Make a pinching motion with your fingers as if you are really picking up the penny. Remember you are picking up nothing!

Fake Pickup of Coin

The noise of jingling change and the fact you really had a coin in your hand before (that being the nickel) will help sell the idea that you really do have a penny held in your fingers.

Place the rest of the change back in your pocket. Now act as though you are transferring the penny from one hand to the other. Close your fist over it and really act as though the coin is in there.


Your acting skills really need to come into play for this trick to work effectively. You can now snap your fingers and slowly open your hand to show the coin has completely disappeared. Show both hands clean.


This trick is so simple but you do need to practice the movements so they look natural. The best time to use an effect like this is an impromptu situation where you may be asked to show someone a trick. I act as though I don’t know what to do or what to use. Then I reach in my pocket and remove the coins. Still not sure of what to use I pickup a nickel then change my mind and use the penny. At this point your spectators have no idea what is coming and it seems as though you are not sure either. Your patter during this trick will also help sell the idea that you are picking up a specific coin. At first you could say you will use a nickel than change your mind and say you will use a penny instead. As you say this you are doing the above moves to match your patter.

Remember to use your fingertips to tap the coins as you go to apparently pickup the penny. The noise factor and good acting helps sell this trick.