Million Dollar Bill Gag

The Million-Dollar Souvenir

How would you like an inexpensive, unique, and versatile souvenir item that people will keep and beg you for more?

I found out about this doing a simple search on google and wanted to share it with you. If you already have this item and are using it for promotional purposes then you may still want to read on for some extra ideas.

Where Do I Get The Million-Dollar Bill? is where you want to go to get your face printed on One Million Dollar Bills. They only cost about .12 cents apiece when ordering a thousand and can get cheaper with bigger orders.

Simply email them a photo of you and they will do all the work cropping and setting it up. You also get three lines of text but you are limited to a certain amount of characters.

I’ve found putting my website and a simple slogan work well. For the final line of text I have a card revelation. My particular bill says “You will pick the Three of Hearts”. During a card trick I may state that if I get the trick wrong I’ll give you a million dollar bill.

Pulling out the million-dollar bill creates laughter and interest and the kicker is that the card was predicted as it is printed on the bill. You could also do the Grey Elephant in Denmark routine as you could use a line for that prediction.

The other cool thing about this bill is it is the same size as real American money. Bill switches, torn and restored routines come to mind but I’m sure there are many more things you will think of.

I also like putting in one of the million-dollar bills with other cash when giving a tip at a restaurant or other place. They will remember you and keep it. As a gag I like to crumple up the bill and toss it on the floor secretly in various places like shopping centers, grocery stores, malls etc. People will come upon it and think it’s real until they open it up and see it’s a million-dollar bill. When it is crumpled up it does look legit as the million gets hidden in a sea of green. Check out the picture to see what it looks like when I crumple it.

Let your imagination run wild and use this inexpensive promotional item to help you get your name and information in the hands of more potential customers. It’s a fun item that people will hang on to, just be prepared that they will beg you for more then one!