PK Pencil Trick

Psychokensis – The ability to move objects by the power of your mind. This is a really cool impromptu demonstration of this feat. Get a pencil ready…

PK Pencil


You place a pencil on the table in front of you. Pointing at the pencil with your finger, you command the pencil to move. Mysteriously the pencil rolls by itself! You never touch a thing!

The Secret
Many people believe this effect might have something to do with static. The real secret is that you carefully blow air down on the pencil causing it to roll forward. For this trick you need some misdirection. So I suggest you pretend to rub your finger on your shirt. People will then think that you are using static electricity. After the trick is over hand the pencil to a spectator to examine. They will not be able to do it.

Blowing Air on Pencil

Blow the air secretly from your mouth directly on top of the pencil or a couple of inches behind the pencil, closer towards yourself. Short bursts of air work well and you can experiment to find the best position to be in when this all takes place. This will cause the pencil to slowly roll forward. Do not blow too much air because you might get caught. A little can go a long way. Move your finger or hands in front of the pencil as it rolls. It will seem the pencil moves in the direction that your hands and mind want it to move in.

Really build this trick up, work on a story or presentation to go with it. Remember, this trick is totally impromptu. Make sure to find a smooth flat surface. You can also use cigarettes, pens, crayons, and straws. Experiment with them all as some are heavier and will require more air to move them.