Second Sight Penny

Second Sight Penny

Second Sight Penny
Second Sight Penny is another trick that most have forgotten about. Here the magician finds the selected penny among a handful of others under seemingly impossible conditions.

The Effect

A hat or bag containing ten pennies is passed to the audience. The coins are examined to show that each one has a different date.

Hat and Pennies

A member of the audience is asked to select a coin at random and pass it around for the other people to see as well as remember the date. The coin is then placed back in the hat with the others and the hat is then given to the magician. The coins can be shaken up in the hat to make it even more difficult to find.

The magician closes his eyes and reaches in the hat and removes one coin. It is found to be the chosen coin as the date is announced!

Picking the penny

This trick doesn’t have to be done with just pennies; you could also use quarters. This is a superb mind reading feat that can really have a strong impact on your audience if presented properly.

This trick only requires ten pennies. Remember that each penny needs a different date! A hat or paper bag can be used to hold the coins.

The Secret

There is no secret setup and no forcing of any coin. They really have a free selection. The trick is really fairly simple but will take some guts to perform. As the coin is passed through the spectators hands, it becomes warmer than the rest. So all you have to do is stick your hand inside the hat and find the warm one.

This truly does work! Make sure when the one coin is selected that the audience does indeed pass the coin around to remember the date. This will help ensure that the chosen coin will have been handled enough to make it warm.

Sounds impossible? You have to try it! Remember that after you remove the coin to read the date out loud to everyone in the audience to confirm that is indeed the selected coin.