Springing The Cards Comedy Trick

Springing The Cards Comedy Trick

If you’ve ever seen a magician on TV, you probably know what this next flourish looks like. (A flourish is not a trick, but something that just looks flashy). A deck of cards is “sprung” from one hand to another, like a waterfall.

Most of the magicians you’ve seen use real sleight of hand, called “springing the cards”. It takes time to learn, but it’s not very difficult. You hold the deck in your hand, at the fingertips, and bend it inward toward your palm. Let the cards slide off the fingertips, holding them back at the thumb tips. Catch them by holding your other hand as though you were holding a baseball. Aim the cards towards your fingers. It takes practice… ideally over a table or bed to make it easier to pick up the cards that scatter.

The method on this page is easier, and you can use it to get a laugh in your routine.

As the photo shows, a few cards from the deck (about 40) are stapled together at the ends, so it zig-zags. Make sure you use an old deck, because stapling the cards will mean you can’t use them for anything else.

Position your hands one on top of the other. Hold the trick deck in the top hand, and slowly let them drop into the bottom hand, one at a time. Even though you’re not using slight of hand, it still requires PRACTICE! As you get better, move your hands farther apart.

Here’s how to get a good laugh using these cards. After the second time of dropping the cards from top to bottom, forget to catch them with the bottom hand. Let the cards hang free. Don’t notice at first, pause, then see the cards and react. Pretend you’ve messed up the trick, and act as though you are embarrassed.