The Cut Force – How To Force A Card

The Cut Force – How To Force A Card

The Cut Force

Before starting the trick, secretly remember the top card of the deck. This is the “force card” that you will force your friend (the spectator) to choose, although she will think it is a free choice.

Have the spectator lift up half the deck, and place it on the table. This is called cutting the deck.

You now have two piles of cards, A and B. The card your friend will choose, the force card, is on the top of pile A. Keep track of where the force card is, and don’t forget it.

Tell the spectator you will mark where the cut was. Pick up pile B, and place it sideways on top of pile A. The pictures show how this is done. Ask the spectator if she has seen the card yet, and when she says no, lift pile B, and have the spectator take the top card of pile A.

Your friend will think this is where she cut the deck of cards, so when the card is picked up, they will think it is their card.

Remember, this is just a technique. It is not a trick. Practice this move until you are use to all of the motions. It is pretty straight forward but it’s important to make everything natural. Check back on the secret magic club for tricks using this force!