The Upside Down Card Trick

The Upside-Down Card Location

Ask a helper to choose any card from the deck. Show it around, then put it back in the deck. You try to find it, but can’t. You spread the cards out, but one card is upside-down… it’s the chosen card!

Here is how it works: Your helper picks any card s/he wants. If you want, the front of the card may be signed with a magic marker, so they can’t forget the card. You then tell him/her to show the card to everyone, and to make sure you don’t see it, you turn your back to the audience. Keep the deck of cards in your hands. Now comes the secret move.

Keep your elbows against your sides, so the audience can’t see any movements from behind. Turn the deck upside-down, then turn the top card upside down. You now have a deck that looks normal even though it’s actually upside-down.

When you turn around, hold the deck in your hand just like it was before, and insert the chosen card into the deck.  You’ve actually put the card into an upside – down deck, but the audience will think it’s normal.

Announce you will find the card without looking, and hold the deck behind your back. Grab the top card (the one that’s upside-down), show it to everyone, and ask if it was the chosen card. When they say no, look a little worried and say you’ll try again.

Reach behind you and grab the next card, show it to everyone, and again they will say no. Now act like you really messed up the trick, and start spreading the cards apart like in the photo at the top of this page.

When you come to the upside down card, push it out onto the table, but keep your finger on it. Tell everybody that the chosen card has turned upside-down by magic. Now ask your helper what the name of the card was, and when s/he says it, turn the card over and show it. Take a bow to the thunderous applause!