Weighing The Matches

Weighing The Matches

This is a really strong impromptu trick involving three matchbooks. A spectator removes a match from one book, closes the cover and then mixes up the books. Simply by weighing each matchbook in your hand you can tell which one is lighter, thus finding the book with the missing match!







This trick is very impromptu and only requires three full and new matchbooks. This is a must!

Take each matchbook and close the cover tightly. Make sure each cover is closed and isn’t loose.




You will know which matchbook the spectator removed the match from because the cover or lid of the book will be loose. You can feel this by pretending to hold the matchbook in your hand to weigh it. Simply use your thumb on top and apply a bit of pressure to the cover. If the cover seems tight that means the matchbook was not chosen. If it seems as though the cover is loose and moves a bit, this is the one!

This is a very powerful effect.




Ask a spectator to choose one matchbook, remove a match, close the cover and then mix the matchbooks around on the table.

Have them do this while your back is turned. When they are done turn back around and claim that you are able to decipher which book they tore the match out of since it will be lighter then the others. This seems impossible!

Pick up each matchbook and pretend as though you are weighing it. Of course you are using your thumb to see which cover is loose. When you come across the cover that seems loose you have found the correct one!

Keep in mind that the spectator will almost never close the matchbook cover as tight as it originally was. Good luck with this and enjoy performing it!


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